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    Easy to Use

    Switcher techno Retail POS is one of the most effortless POS to set up for your store. with leading industries along Switcher techno Retail POS allows you to set suppliers for your product, raw material, Customer management, brand, and category.. Our answer is light and totally click-based at this point filled every one of the highlights required by stores on everyday premise with the goal that your group can without much of a stretch make it a piece of tasks. Also, you can set recipes for your designs in order to have control on how much raw material is used.

    Silent Features

    Sales Management

    Smart and interactive Sales register (POS) to register sales. Barcodes scanners can also be used to make the process easier.

    Sales Return

    You can record a returned sale that can be whole order or any particular item for an order is returned by the customer.

    Inventory Management

    Manage your inventory easily, you can categorize them, move them between warehouse and store, generate reports

    Reports Management

    You can slice and dice sales data in a variety of ways to determine what products are selling best using interactive reports

    Purchase & Stock

    Manage your purchases, stock, and inventory more smartly and efficiently than ever before using Switcher Techno smart POS


    Over BARCODE scanner which is a hardware-based product would give you the Customized barcode to managed your print Record in the database POS System

    General Features

    • Sales
      • $ 0 Monthly
        • Product Master
        • Sales / Sales Return
        • Hold Bill Option
        • Item Discount
        • Bill Discount
        • Shift Management
        • Opening Cash
        • Hand Over
        • Multiple Reports

      • Contact
    • Sales & Inventory
      • $ 0 Monthly
        • Physical Stock Audit
        • Purchase Order
        • Inventory Management
        • Purchase Summary
        • Item Ledger / Recipe
        • Goods Receiving Note
        • Supplier / Item wise GRN
        • Branch Transfers
        • + All Features of Sales Module

      • Contact
    • Sales
      • $ 0 Monthly
        • Account Ledger
        • Accounts Statement
        • Accounts Trial Balance
        • Voucher Printing
        • Profit & Loss Statement
        • Balance Sheet
        • MIS Reports
        • Customer and Supplier Ageing.
        • + All Features of Sales & Inventory Module

      • Contact

    Advance features for Retailers

    More Features that give Switcher Techno Customers Point of Sale system that gives Customers work feasibility and flexibility for any business as we call has a retails, inventory or Restaurant this Feature empower to our customer to maintain their reputation in the market with the use of Switcher Techno Pos System

    Multi-location management

    Employee management and users roles

    Sales analysis and reporting

    Purchase orders and vendor lists

    Full compatibility with all hardware

    Complete secure system

    Top Running Products

    User access levels

    Customer Profiles (CRM)

    Financial reports and statements

    Multiple Branches option

    Cash hand over (shift mechanics)

    Search (Item/Shelf/Bar Code/Price/Item Description)

    Alternate Units and Product Attributes